Silver Birch is committed to being a sustainable business that makes a positive contribution to society.

We recognise that delivering on environmental, societal and governance (“ESG”) matters is fundamental to achieving a better future for all.

We also recognise that we will all only succeed in this mission if we approach it seriously and honestly with tangible objectives.

We assess our business activities in an honest and open manner to ensure that we comprehensively understand, measure and evaluate our impact.

Our ESG objectives are based on the following:

Silver Birch recognises that environmental degradation and climate change are serious global problems. We are aware of the impact our business, and that of our clients, can have on the environment and the climate; we are committed to minimising our negative impact on both as well as exploring progressive initiatives to have a positive impact.

To that extent we target environmentally sustainable actions in the following areas: energy use; waste and recycling; and carbon emissions.

Our mission as a firm is to provide working capital solutions to a targeted group of high-grade clients. We are a sustainable, robust business that delivers long-term value for all our stakeholders, including our shareholders, partners and employees.

We have implemented a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to ensure that we implement best practice in our business dealings, with all employees required to undertake compliance training to ensure they are able to uphold those standards.

At Silver Birch we positively embrace diversity and inclusion and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

There is a strong focus on wellbeing at the firm and we strongly believe that everyone should be treated fairly and given equal opportunity regardless of their characteristics or position in the company.

In terms of hiring, the firm is open to candidates from all backgrounds with a diverse set of skills and experience.

As a firm, we use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the platform through which we: i) incorporate best practice into the firm’s day to day operations; and ii) incorporate sustainability into the solutions that we offer our corporate, bank and alternative investor clients.

As a business, we continuously develop and monitor how we look at sustainability, how our business might have an impact and the controls we can put in place to minimise any negative results.