Our CEO, Sean Hanafin, participated in The Economist ‘Global Trade in Transition’ panel at Davos 2024

Sean was invited to participate in ‘The Economist’ panel discussion on Global Trade in Transition at Davos for the release of the report “Charting new courses: navigating the tides of uncertainty”, exploring the reinvention of supply chains for the new economic era.

Supply chains are the lifeblood of economic growth. In a world in which crises are inevitable, making the investment to strengthen and build resiliency into supply chains is vital. The panel covered themes such as:

  • How governments and businesses can counteract the disruptions caused by geopolitical tensions
  • The balance companies should strike between competing priorities including security, efficiency, sustainability and diversification; how should supply chains be reconfigured
  • How companies can future-proof supply chains against trade fragmentation
  • How organisations can structure greater risk-sharing with suppliers; how to balance the benefits of fewer suppliers with less diversification of supply