Tim joined TEB Factoring, the T3i Partner Network and Rebeccanomics in discussing “Ensuring AI and its potential is harnessed to support the market”

Artificial intelligence is enabling huge strides in the trade sector across everything from personalised finance to credit scoring, fraud detection, reducing risk and financial inclusion. This panel examined how AI is being used now, what the emerging trends are and the challenges of its successful application. Specific topics included:

  • Assessing your supplier / buyer with AI
  • Approach to regulation in the EU and globally
  • Regulatory impact on investment
  • Combining volume with complexity – AI case studies
  • ESG and the potential for data management by AI
  • Applying AI to investing in receivables as an asset class – opportunities and challenges

Ahead of the event, Tim also spoke to Michael Bickers – available to listen at: Tim Armstrong, Silver Birch Finance | BCR Publishing