Tim joined Arqit, XE, Peridot Financing Solutions, Demica and Rescom Holdings in discussing “Working Capital Management – responding to global market pressures”

Recent inflationary trends have placed enormous pressures on supplier working capital, with many payment agreements spanning enough time for transaction returns to significantly depreciate, particularly in larger value ones across globe-spanning supply chains. Such trends have seen a significant growth in products that can mitigate these risks, from dynamic discounting to accounts receivables financing.

The panel considered new ways of thinking when it comes to managing working capital, including the use of analytics to develop a data-driven approach to issues such as credit risk, late payment risk, and understanding behaviours when looking to define pricing structures and provide certainty for funders. The conversation included how companies are extracting and harvesting data to maximise outcomes, how such practices work as a potential alternative to securitisation, as well as the potential role of credit insurance in the process.